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AXIS-Y Daily Purifying Treatment Toner (200ml) Cleans & calms

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Clears out bacteria and pollution stuck deep in pores that cause inflammation and acne. This gunk is caused by excess sebum production during hot, humid seasons. This toner then soothes inflammation...

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Clears out bacteria and pollution stuck deep in pores that cause inflammation and acne. This gunk is caused by excess sebum production during hot, humid seasons. This toner then soothes inflammation and redness. Leaving skin clean, calm, and ready for treatment.

 Daily Purifying Treatment Toner (200ml) Cleans & calms

- low percent of salicylic acid (0.5%) compared to the toners (2%), making sebum control and deep-cleaning irritation-free

- slowly and gently fades away stubborn acne marks

- keeps the skin conditioned while dries out acne

- refreshingly light tea-tree scent

- see ingredients for full benefits


1 powerful exfoliating agent,

Salicytic Acid 0.5%

- Breaks apart persistent dead skin cells that acne-causing toxins

- Helps treat pityrosporum folliculitis without causing sun sensitivity

- At 0.5%, this concentration will gently treat your acne without irritating your skin or increasing oil production and 1 patented skincare technology


Patented UE Technology

- Leverages patented ultrasonic extraction to retrieve the benefits from our ingredients, especially Narrowleaf Hawkweed

- Lets our products deliver your skin the highest quality nutrients towards healthy, clear skin

- Frees your skin from irritations caused by other manufacturing processes. All of this together creates a skin-purifying toner that

Reduces Oiliness & Oil Production

Increases the Effectiveness of Your Skin Treatments & Makeup. Supports the Healing Process of Your Skin & Reduce Future Irritations

Sebum control

The toner controls oil production with a cool sensation. Your skin will feel immediately feel clean and refreshed with each application.

Quick Skin Absorption

The toner is easily and quickly absorbed into your skin within 3 seconds.

Free from Harmful Chemicals

The ingredients in our Daily Purifying Treatment Toner are certified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). You can be sure our toner is free from harmful chemicals and meets the strictest standards to ensure your health and safety.

The EWS is an American activist group for consumer health that tracks chemical safety and drives companies to create healthier, safer products since 1993.

No irritation.

Intensive tests by Korea Dermatology Research Institute and Good Clinic Practice found that our Daily Purifying Treatment Toner has no skin irritants.

Delivery Information

Delivery takes 1~2 working days all over UAE

Free Delivery for orders with 200 AED+

Volume / Origin

Volume: 200ml

How to Use


After cleansing, apply our 611 Daily Purifying Treatment Toner onto a cotton pad.


Gently wipe the cotton pad on areas with acne and irritation, while avoiding the area close to your eyes.

IMPORTANT: Do not apply toner on your face for more than a few seconds as it may dry out your skin and cause even more oil production.


Enrich and hydrate your face with a skin treatment that will prevent future blemishes and keep your skin looking healthy throughout the day. We recommend our 611 Artichoke Ampoule  - crafted especially for weakened skin barriers

Best Practices When Using this Toner

  • After using this toner, you should not apply products with high levels of Vitamin C, as they may irritate your skin.
  • This toner has a low percentage of Salicylic Acid so your skin does not become sensitive to the sun. However, you should put on sunblock on very sunny days.
  • You should store this toner in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Since there are no artificial colors, it may look slightly yellow after prolonged exposure to heat and light. It’s perfectly safe and normal for toners without artificial colors.

    Key Ingredients

    Our toner is founded upon 6 natural ingredients that care…


    Centella Asiatica - 110,000 ppm

    - Boosts your skin’s natural healing process to prevent acne scars

    - Calms irritation and inflammation

    - Boosts local antioxidants to reduce the fungal acne growth

    TeaTree 10,000 ppm

    - Prevents the overproduction of oils

    - Eliminates acne-causing bacteria using its antibacterial properties

    - Soothes painful irritations using its anti-inflammatory properties

    Sugar cane

    - Reverses sun damage through its natural phytonutrients

    - Removes persistent debris using alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA)

    Narrowleaf Hawkweed

    - Soothes skin irritation and inflammation


    - Detoxes skin to speed up healing of acne and irritation from eczema


    - Reduces your skin’s production of breakout-causing sebum

    - Encourages the growth of new skin cells

    - Leaves your skin looking plump and smooth