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Bija Trouble Care Set



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A refreshing facial foam for skin trouble. This refined, foamy lather thoroughly cleanses pores while preventing and relieving skin trouble. Contains natural ingredients, such as salicyl acid, to remove dead skin cells and treat skin problems


innisfree’s new Bija Trouble Liquid Body Cleanser is formulated with bija seed oil that protects the skin and salicylic acid (2%) which helps to treat acne-prone body skin, keeping it clean and smooth. It has a foamy consistency that cleanses the skin gently and reduces itchiness due to dryness.


Contains nutmeg oil from Jeju Island that significantly improves your skin. The non-comedogenic test-passed product is suitable for skin with pimples. The elastic essence works effectively on spots, effectively treating your dead skin cells and sebum. The transparent gel type product inconspicuously works even when applied locally on your skin.

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  1. Squeeze an appropriate amount onto clean hands and create lather.
  2. Smoothly massage over your face and thoroughly rinse with luke warm water afterwards
  1. Pump a desired amount onto bath towel or bath sponge and create a lather to massage onto the entire body.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with water afterward.
  3. You may experience less bubbles than usual due to the 2% salicylic acid content, but this does not affect the product effectiveness. 
  4. As the 2% salicylic acid content may cause skin dryness, it is highly recommended to use together with bija trouble body mist.
  1. Use cotton swab to gently apply onto troubled areas.
  2. Apply a sunscreen after using this essence during the day.
  3. UV rays can cause skin trouble.


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