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Power Moisture Brightening Night Cream Mask



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All in one Brightning + Deep moisturizing + sleeping mask!

In the department store and olive young just one day to sold out 10,000pcs in Korea!!!

- For acne, acne, redness, dull skin, large pores have a good repair effect.

- Adjust water and oil balance moisturizing, suitable for all skin, pregnant women, sensitive skin, powerful moisturizing water membrane lock moisture, so as to achieve the real ALL IN ONE amazing results.

- Whitening hydrating acne blemishes calm the skin.

- Brighten complexion, multi-effect sleep mask, can also be used as a cream, Toner - Essence - Lotion - Sleeping Mask (that is, to replace the cream step) texture is very good and good absorption of condensation.

- Contains five kinds of vitamins, tea leaf oil for acne skin, specifically shrinks the amount of persimmon leaf pores extract to help us repair the skin, royal jelly extract and other ingredients, long-term use can also shrink pores.

Wake up to softer, more radiant complexion that looks like you got a full night’s rest. The Night Cream Mask smooths the look of lines and texture so that skin is fully hydrated and appears supple and more volumized. With a no-rinse formula that’s suitable for all skin types, it leaves skin visibly improved day after day for a fresher complexion.

Delivery takes 1~2 working days all over UAE

Free Delivery for orders with 200 AED+

Volume: 40ml

Made in South Korea

Instead of night cream: According to normal skin care steps: cleansing, toner, essence, lotion, CHAKAN sleep mask.


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