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Chakan Hair Care Set #Fast Hair Growth



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[Shampoo] With abundant protein and Amino Acid Ingredients, this shampoo is able to boost the speed of growing your hair. Approved by KFDA and backed up by natural ingredients, this shampoo is even suitable for sensitive scalp. To balance oil-moisture level, it includes Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide for your healthy hair and scalp.

[Treatment] Frizzy Hair? Split End? Suffering from hair damages?

This treatment will recover your hair in no time. With high-dense of protein with silk-extract, collagen, ceramide, baobab oil, keratin, elastin and argan oil, this treatment will do the wonder for your hair.

[Essence] Suffering from damaged, frizzy hair from perm and coloring hair?

No worries with this simple and quick essence. This essence gives the maximum moisture and vitality to your hair with high protein and silk extract.

[Shampoo] > Messed up with Haircut? Don't worry, grow it faster ! > Frequent Hairfall > Bad Smell from Hair and Scalp > Endless Dandruff > Itchy Hair and Scalf

[Treatment] > Immediate Protein Repair > Moisturizing > pH 5.5 > Free of: Silicone, Sulfate, Tar, Benzopenone 

[Essence] > Immediate Protein Repair > Moisturizing > Easy and Fast Use.

[Shampoo] 500ml, Made in South Korea

[Treatment] 200g, Made in South Korea

[Essence] 100ml, Made in South Korea

[Shampoo] Wet your hair with warm water. Apply proper amount of shampoo to your hair. Gently massage your hair and scalp, wash away.

[Treatment] After Shampooing, Apply proper amount of this treatment to your wet hair. Leave for about 1~2 minutes and wash away.

[Essence] After shampoo and conditioner(or treatment), gently wipe your hair with dry towel. Remaining your hair a little bit wet, apply this essence all around your hair. You may blow dry your hair after this essence.


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